Introducing Thurman A. Brunson, author of A Giant Knew Wednesday: A Story On The Calendar

“Outskirts Press has stimulated my sense of self improvement and I am sure that each book that I will author shall be a continual improvement. Thank you much.”

Thurman A. Brunson resides in Cleveland, Ohio and he maintains an office in Euclid, Ohio where he writes his fiction stories. He is interested in Meditation and Character Development. He also has a casual talk program on youtube. He is a Veteran and served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. He likes passionate emotional music and loves to read his books while listening to his music. He hopes that he can write for films and television one day.

Product description…

A fiction story writing that “Man shall always seek to give rise to the inner core issues of himself and his own Space…yet all the possibility of his guidance and mercy are contained within his own universe not long ago.” Richard Agoston is literally reborn to a member of his family and inherits the family fortune that he carefully planned for himself before passing away. This book is a fiction story that may stimulate your interest in the possibility of re-incarnation and re-generation. Please enjoy.

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