Introducing Priya Balkaran, author of Main Street

“Thank you so much for making this process simple and helpful! I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and continue to do, with the upcoming novel.”

Priya Balkaran was born in New York and resides in Orlando, Florida. She is currently working on her Masters in Educational Leadership and has taught eighth grade Language Arts. In her free time, she enjoys writing and painting.

Product description…

I put on my headphones and started walking, twirling along the sidewalk, as the song’s tended to make me do. When “Shut up and Dance,” came on, I all but flat out danced in the middle of the street, and of course, being that it was still early, I had no shame in it; it’s not like Adam was going to see me. Of course, I could have stuck my foot in my mouth and all but drop dead from embarrassment when I looked towards the Café, and saw him, sitting in the chair. It would have been reassuring had he been talking to the waiter, who was next to him; but why would I have that luck? No, he was looking straight at me, his mouth curved into a little smile.

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