Introducing Melissa Michelle, author of Micah’s Girlfriend

“Lisa was very professional and courteous; an important attribute to have in business. I appreciate that I made the right choice when I selected Outskirts Press to publish me. From start to finish everyone that had been a point of contact for me was very warm and friendly; a great attribute of excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend Outskirts to other authors!”

Melissa Michelle is single and works as an accountant in Atlanta, GA. Inspired by her own struggles with dating while Christian, she wrote “Micah’s Girlfriend.”

Product description…

Micah Tapscot is a community counselor for a global not-for-profit Christian organization and surrogate father for his recently widowed sister’s son. He spots Michelle assisting an elderly woman get out of the car one Sunday afternoon while walking near his neighborhood. At the first sight of her, all of the self-control he’d managed to maintain over the years abruptly takes a vacation leaving Micah stranded on an island of unbridled sexual tension… Michelle Phant is a secretary working in an architectural firm in downtown Annapolis, Maryland. Quite weary with not having found “the one” man to fill her heart with the love she’s always dreamed of she unexpectedly meets Micah and becomes indubitably unable to resist his obvious blessing of virility. She takes a risk she’s never taken before and accepts a first date with Micah….in his home. As Michelle documents the event of their first date together, Micah generously gives her a tour of the house as they talk and she sips away on her glass of Chardonnay. The tour ultimately ends in his bedroom where an inevitable steamy tête-à-tête ensues and Michelle learns a very startling revelation from Micah that compromises what she first believed of him. Will it demolish their love connection before it even starts?

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