Introducing Mary Davis, author of Honorable

“I absolutely loved working with my Author Representative. Her responsiveness, recommendation, suggestions, knowledge of the publishing process, all of her communications with me that I still treasure and very so much miss! Overall, my publishing experience with Outskirts Press has totally changed my outlook on life in a very positive way! Thank you all so very much, especially my author representative, Justene, and I love my book. Thank you Justene!”

Mary Davis was born in Fort Gaines, Georgia in Clay County in 1948 to young parents who were determined to give her the advantages they didn’t have. Thanks to their persistence, she graduated from high school, and then she broadened her horizons with the US Army, which furthered her education and gave her the opportunity for international travel. After an honorable discharge and retirement from the Army, she returned to her home town.

Product description…

Born in the segregated deep South, Mary Davis grew up in a world where she was unwelcome, except in the black community. Even as a child, she was unwilling to accept the idea that she was inferior in any way—and her life journey has been a continual testament to her remarkable capacity for achievement, integrity, and honesty. From the cotton fields to boot camp barracks, from pursuing educational goals to seeking justice in her own home town as a private citizen, from rejecting racism aimed at her parents to standing up for her rights against continuing prejudice, Mary has always provided an example of diligence and honor. Travel with her from the Jim Crow laws to a new world in the US Army, and then back again to the outdated attitudes of the deep South…and stand with her as she faces life on her own uncompromising terms.

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