Introducing Francis Ivey, author of Olga & Yank

“Dana and Jerry were great in helping me with my first children’s book and its illustrations. Thanks.”

Francis Ivey moved to Alaska in 1959, and is where he lives today. After finishing school in Anchorage I became a Driller then an Environmental-Tech. These occupations sent me all over Alaska for about 40 years, from the North Slope to the Aleutian Islands and from the Tongass in Southeast to the Kuskokwim and Yukon Rivers of the Interior. It is a tuff place to call home and I am glad it is my Home!

Product description…

This story will take you to a land few people have knowledge of and even fewer will ever smell. There will be places you have never heard of and probably can’t pronounce their names. This is about animals of the Arctic and their life and home. Olga is from Russia where her home and hunting-grounds have been decimated by Man, her Quest is to find a home lacking humans. Yank is from Alaska his Quest is to answer his inter urges for adventure to find the ‘Never Ending Tundra’ where Lemmings, Voles, and Screws are an everlasting feast. When Olga meets Yank on Saint Lawrence Island there is a respect for each other which creates an everlasting bond between them. Their Adventure is a story of the Arctic and its animals, of a land faraway yet close to your heart.

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