Introducing Golonza Young, Jr., author of The Assignment Called “Yes”

“This has been my very first book. Therefore, this entire writing and publishing process was tantamount to “New Territory” for me. I consider it a true blessing to have discovered Outskirts Press as everyone involved with the publication of my book has been so amazing and helpful. I am thrilled!”

Golonza Young, Jr. was born in Virginia, and has traveled ubiquitously. He has a Prophetic anointing upon his life, and is in the daily process of becoming transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. He is a graduate of several universities; but, became wise, only when he surrendered his life to Christ Jesus, whereupon he made the discovery of the spiritual Assignment which had always been upon his life.

Product description…

I am moved by what is in the Spirit, and not just what I “see” in the physical. Frequently, hardships come on assignment, with the purpose of making you stronger and wiser. So, be careful, because if you are not wise, then Satan will play upon your “Intellect.” Attitudes, Habits, Choices, and Behaviors, which begin to sabotage relationships, will shipwreck your joy, your home, and your life.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Golonza Young, Jr., author of The Assignment Called “Yes”

  1. Great book. I encourage everyone to get a copy…it is a book of testimonies designed to edify and encourage spiritual growth.

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