Introducing Candie Graham, author of I Only Quote from the Best: Revisiting Hollywood’s Golden Age

“Laura well-represented Outskirts. She answered every one of my inquiries, questions, and acknowledged my concerns. I believe she did the job people above her position should have been responsive to. Outskirts Press owes a debt of gratitude for Laura for her professionalism, caring, and concern for her clients. Give her a bonus. She’s more than deserving!”

Product description…

Classic film lovers live and breathe them. Movie-quoting enthusiasts seek to find – and use – the best of them. Film scholars look to them for continued inspiration. And for the curious, I Only Quote From the Best – Revisiting Hollywood’s Golden Age, provides an engaging introduction to 500 great untapped movie lines from every genre. Seeing their unforgettable faces in photos from yester-year, you can now connect their names with these celebrated lines. Highlighting some of my personal favorites within each chapter, have fun finding your own. Enjoy!

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