Introducing Alex Karidis and Bradley Garrone, author of The Cynic’s Guide to Investing

“The overall experience was well worth the finished product. We encountered some technical glitches that set us back a bit, but having the final product in-hand was worth the wait. Thank you for a great product and we’ll most likely being using your publishing services again.”

Product description…

As members of the Millennial generation, authors Alex Karidis and Bradley Garrone know well the economic woes that have befallen their generation. However, it is not only the Millennials affected by poor policy decisions. Old and young alike, even those who are yet to exist, will have to deal with the consequences to some degree-thereby exposing investment opportunities in disguise. Interested in assisting others on how to navigate through such economic difficulties, Alex and Bradley wrote The Cynic’s Guide to Investing. A hybrid analysis of economic policy, trends and demographics, and investment strategies, The Cynic’s Guide to Investing is a must-read from the novice, to the most experienced policy wonk, to the skilled investor and everyone in between. Written in a concise manner, The Cynic’s Guide to Investing covers a vast array of topics from fiscal and monetary policy, to healthcare, energy markets, lobbying efforts, and of course investment strategies and much more. It will be highly evident from early on that with money comes power and with power comes the ability to influence markets (think big government-big business). This power structure has invoked passionate dissent from both the right and the left (think Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street). The Cynic’s Guide to Investing cuts through the divide-and-conquer tactics revealing more common ground than what the media would have you believe. Written in a no-nonsense manner, Alex and Bradley change the perception of cynicism from having pessimistic connotations to one attributed with keen observation. The cynic simply makes observations and has the audacity to tell it like it is. The goal of The Cynic’s Guide to Investing is to make observations, conduct thorough analysis, and take action in order to build wealth and provide for your future self. “…that power of accurate observation which is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it…” -George Bernard Shaw

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