Introducing Rick M. De Jong and J.B. Schaible, author of Spiral of Conspiracy

“This is my first publishing experience (two more are in the works) and Elaine couldn’t have made it better. Thank you. I will bring repeat business to Outskirts Press.”

Rick M. De Jong (top photo) resides in Riverside County, Southern California with his wife Jennifer, their kids and two dogs. In addition to enjoying reading and writing, Mr. De Jong loves the outdoors, enjoying music, spending time with his family, granddaughters and classic cars. Look for other novels and poetry from this author as well.

J.B. Schaible, Architect, (bottom photo) resides with his wife Nancy in North San Diego County, Southern California. His passions are writing, ceramics and other 3D art, reading, travel, hiking local venues, good food and of course, his children and grandchildren.

Product description…

Spiral of Conspiracy – Nearly a dozen players in the Football League of America have died under suspicious circumstances. What did they know or discover that cost them their lives? Robert Rhodes, a Syndicated Sports Reporter, has unwillingly become involved in something sinister after narrowly escaping an attempt on his life. Seeking answers, he begins an investigation, one that will expose both him and his family to extreme and deadly danger…he finds himself rapidly caught up in not only FLA corruption, but in a conspiracy that reaches deep into the upper echelons of the United States Government. Stretching from the casinos of Las Vegas to the Caribbean isle of Jamaica, Robert pursues the shadow of fraud while perilously in the crosshairs of the quarry he seeks. Can he uncover the secret and reveal the truth…or will his investigation cost him his life?

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