Introducing Priya Balkaran, author of Chasing Luca

“Thank you, once again for giving me a great Outskirts experience!”

Priya Balkaran was born in Queens, New York and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. This is her second novel.

Product description…

“Very nice,” Luca said, evidently impressed. I would have made a snide comment, but I was too happy so I just laughed and nodded along. I pulled into our spot, parked, got out and did a happy dance. Luca watched and laughed. “I’m going to really miss you, you know,” he said watching my dance. On the inside, I felt my heart drop an inch. On the outside, I walked up to him and punched him on his arm. “I know,” I said, sticking my tongue out, our faces less than two feet apart. He gave me a smile and I knew that if I didn’t move at this very second, something bad would happen. So I morphed into a mockingbird and flew away, behind a tree. It was the first time his smile gave me butterflies in my stomach.

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