Introducing Gil Alligood, author of Dark Paths to Light

“Lisa stayed on top of it from my manuscript submission through editing and printing. She represents Outskirts Press well as a professional. Thank you Lisa for your assistance.”

Gil Alligood’s stories are based on research as well as his own experiences as a pilot in the United States Air Force (retired colonel), a consulting engineer, and a private pilot flying his Piper Arrow-providing background information for adventure and intrigue. Alligood currently lives in Washington, North Carolina, where he serves his church as a Bible School teacher and is chairman of the local airport advisory board. His previous novel, The Devil’s Pace (2014), examines the culture and amorous adventures of a young girl in 1953 in eastern North Carolina.

Product description…

When Craig Johnson discovers that his wife, Kitty, is in the hands of terrorists, he must thwart an international terrorist plot in Israel to rescue her. Craig and his team find themselves involved in black operations as they make their way through several countries to reclaim Kitty…and ensure peace. Based on today’s international political climate and rich in foreign culture, politics, and intrigue, Dark Paths to Light is a timely, nail-biting adventure fraught with difficulty and danger.

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