Introducing Mary Ann McCord, author of Project 4/15

“PROJECT 4/15 is my first book. The professionals at Outskirts Press answered all of my questions and guided me through every step. I am thrilled with my novel and will definitely call Outskirts Press when I am ready to publish again! ”

Mary McCord is a retired teacher, wife of thirty-five years, mother to one daughter, and stepmother to her husband’s two sons. After a personal crisis, Mrs. McCord discovered volunteerism and now volunteers as a Crisis Response Team member, is active with the Red Cross, and the local Search and Rescue organization..

Product description…

Perfection, Kentucky, is a town living in the past. Set amid rolling hills of greenery and farmland, its 1300 residents complacently believe that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Until one day when the unbelievable does happen. A shooter attacks the high school, killing twelve students and staff and injuring another forty-two individuals. PROJECT 4/15 tells the story of how the citizens of Perfection work together to create a true solution to school shootings. There’s Rose and Thomas Edgington. long married with two children. Amanda Short is a single mother of twins, Sarah and Samuel, struggling with the bitterness of divorce and the daily reality of building a new life for herself and her children. Will Short is the bank manager, Amanda’s ex-husband and current husband to Renee Short with their infant, Paisley. Andy Webbington and his wife, Cindy, own Webbington’s Feed Supply. Barbara Layton is a widow and business owner of Evanston’s Cafe. Her son, Jaime, attends the high school with Emily Edgington. And finally, there is Police Chief, Tyler Boyce, determined to keep danger as far away from his town as possible. These determined citizens band together to create a plan that will keep their children, and everyone else’s children, safe while they are at school. Using the National Disaster Framework, a protocol is developed that, if adopted, could actually work and make today’s schools safer for everyone.

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