Introducing Everett T. Robinson, A Brother in Recovery, author of It’s Time to Dump the Junk in Your Trunk!

“Working with Jamie was very helpful during the process.”

“I have never met a person who did not want to be whole. Everett Robinson’s passion to lead people towards that wholeness comes out of his own journey into deep healing. Everett uses a solid understanding of scripture and personal transparency to plumb the depths of healing that plunges deep into the depths of God’s mercy and grace. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to use this book as an adventure guide towards the healing and freedom that you have always dreamed could be a reality. God is Reality and throughout this book personal testimonies tell you of how He made others healing dreams come true. As a pastor, I am always looking for solid and trusted resources that will draw people towards the only God that heals. This book does just that!” -Grant Fishbook, Senior Pastor, Christ the King Community Church, Bellingham, WA.

Product description…

This workbook takes each reader through a Powerful Healing Process as they travel on a Fascinating Recovery Journey. It teaches you how and why your personality sabotages your walk with Jesus and your personal relationships. Life can be an exciting adventure when placed in the hands of a loving God that truly cares and desires to heal your innermost hurts and pain. Take the challenge, “work the book” and see how God’s truths can change your life. Personalized sharing by the author, entertaining illustrations, informative charts and graphs, and stimulating activities make this a must read. A highly rewarding learning experience based on God’s truths also make it an excellent bible study. This workbook is filled with 18 powerful learner testimonies, 35 personalized prayer activities, 65 healing truths and fun new concepts such as: “Plugging-In”, “Your Flesh Is Not Your Friend”, “Fuzzy Little Treasures”, “Video Vaults” and “Chunky Monkeys” that will hold your interest. Healing, wholeness, and genuine spiritual health are what this book is all about. God taking you from where you are, in all your hurt and pain, to become the loving person He created you to be. This Deep Healing Journey is designed to be used by individuals, small groups and/or personal growth classes. It is the perfect support tool for small churches that need something that will assist them in addressing key areas of healing such as: shame, grief, regret, depression, anger, recovery from abuse, bitterness, self-hatred and self-destructive behavior patterns that many church members struggle with in today’s world.

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