Introducing Weigh with Words, author of Signature

“First experience working with a publishing agency, very pleased. Great communication!”

Because of my love of word play, I put together this selection. Some of my pieces will tilt you one way or the other, symbolizing the weight of this craft. As a result, I write and express myself under the name, “Weigh with Words”, and I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area

Product description…

If all the lights were green all of the time, I’d never know when to pump my breaks……or how. Weigh With Words. What goes into a Signature? S – steady I – inner G – growth Nature – works through me by “Weigh with Words“; within those words lives my sharpness, agility, reason & purpose. Two sunflower seeds planted at the same time & place, have right then & there established common ground. Yet as the warmth and light of the sun blend with the heart…..distinction is established. So, therefore, I give you my…….Signature

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