Introducing Harold Cohn, author of Crazy Old Man

“Everything was great. Jamie helped guide me through the computer world with a lot of patience. She was just wonderful. I will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to self-publish.”

Harold Cohn is a published poet and writer and has been writing creatively for over twenty-five years. The author is a Disabled Vietnam Combat Vet and is a retired Park Ranger. He is also a curious person.

Product description…

The anthology “Crazy Old Man” is designed to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you question why. This anthology is comprised of selected things written by this author over twenty-five years. In the book are the following genre: poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, and supposition essays. Examples of titles in the book by genre are: Poetry: “Winged Warrior”, “The Whore”, “Mr. Greenburg”, and “weeping willow why” (American Haiku), Fiction: The short-short story “DUI” (written in second person), Nonfiction: “Points of Interest – Deadman, S Point-San Diego, California” , “The Mount Laguana / Kitchen Creek Fire”, and “How to Survive a Writer’s Workshop”. Playwriting: the play titled: “Midnight”, Supposition essays: “Baked-Bean Colored Rock Decorated with Petroglyphs”, ‘The Balanced Solar System Thorem”, and “Peralta Stones Find The Lost Dutchman Mine”.

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