Introducing Demetries L. Merriweather, author of He Bottles Up Every Tear Drop

“I really appreciated the guidance and the feedback through the process of getting my book published. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping me.”

Demetries L. Merriweather has been a poet from an early age. She often says God speaks and she types. Having traveled and lived in many of the United States, Demetries currently resides in Augusta GA. She loves her family and friends and has learned to trust and love God.

Product description…

This is a collection of poems that were written over the course of many years. They express an emotional journey I have traveled, as I have grown spiritually. On many occasions, I found myself pouring my heart out to God poetically. I don’t know how He did it but through the words, I was able to heal, I was strengthened, and I was delivered. Whether or not I was broken or rejoicing, I know God heard every word. Though seemingly silent, the poems somehow echoed as a scream. My God not only heard me but captured every tear drop, never forgot my cries and He lifted me from my despair.

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