Introducing Shanndell Lowe, author of The Serpent Slave

“I’m greatly satisfied with everything that the team at Outskirts Press has helped me accomplish with my book, “The Serpent Slave.” I have heard stories about other publishing companies that will take your money and your book and you’ll never hear from them again so I was a little worried about how to choose a company to publish my book. At Outskirts Press, I was amazed at how fast, efficient and easy it was to get my book published! I will definitely go through Outskirts Press again for my other books, and I will never choose/prefer another company!”

Shanndell Lowe has been a writer since the third grade, and has spent much of her creative life in building the fantasy world of Arlairia, and sharing its stories. She currently lives in Arizona.

Product description…

Alaunia is a uniquely gifted young woman, whose beautiful singing delights those around her, and whose skill with daggers makes her a formidable opponent in a fight. One day she finds herself in the unfortunate position of an arranged marriage to the cruel Tharelt, King of Snakes. Alaunia must make decisions that will influence not only herself, but the fate of many who are at the mercy of the evil king. She soon discovers that unexpected consequences and sacrifices await her on the road to freedom—but she also has an ally she could never have imagined. Voralis, the king’s former slave, chooses to stand with Alaunia, and brings to their quest an exhilarating and dangerous combination of skill and cunning. Together they embark on a life-changing quest ripe with danger, deceit and passion. The secrets she discovers about those closest to her may help her in her journey…or end up killing her.

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