Introducing Doris F. Holman, author of The Deep Green Forest

“The experience of having my first children’s book published with Outskirts Press was absolutely incredible! I have another children’s book ready, but I’m excited about giving the older audience some attention with publishing my mystery thriller next. Altogether, I’m working on 2 more novels for Outskirts Press to publish. Outskirts Press will be my only publisher. They do everything for you even make sure your completely satisfied with the finished product before it prints, and they do so much more than they get credit for. The best publisher is Outskirts Press.”

Doris F. Holman resides in Conway, South Carolina and currently working on two novels. She has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. Lives with her two teenage boys. When she isn’t glued to her laptop typing in one of her books or playing games, you will find her cooking, cleaning, gardening, and being with family and friends.

Product description…

The Deep Green Forest is a work of fiction. Taking place in a big beautiful green forest, a young rabbit is left behind and alone without his family, until he encounters the most exciting frog. Meeting new animals around every corner and their quest to find their families becomes an adventure of a lifetime.

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