Introducing Twillon Fields, author of Give Them Me

“Outskirts Press publishing is an excellent and professional company to have everything published through.”

Twillon Fields has personally experienced life challenges that required the grace of God to overcome, including episodes of seizures. Twillon is grateful to have worked for the school system for seventeen years, despite this health issue. In 1998, Twillon won the Editor’s Choice award in a contest sponsored by The National Library of Poetry.

Product description…

In the modern world, we’re taught that we must have goals, to get ahead. We’re encouraged to make vision boards, to plan every detail of our future, to decide what our lives are going to be like years in advance. We’ve made so many decisions about our lives that the smallest unexpected change can throw us into chaos. But what we’ve forgotten is that regardless of what we plan, God knows what our lives will be like. The real plan is in His hands, and when we build our lives on the Word of God, there is nothing we cannot overcome, with His loving guidance. Give Them Me is a compassionate, lyrical reminder of the ways in which even the greatest tragedy can be a teaching tool for God to show us what He has empowered us to endure and emerge victorious. The best plan for our lives is to offer ourselves body, heart, and soul to God, and align our vision with His. Give Them Me is a personal testament and an inspiration to grow closer to God.

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