Introducing The Brothers Donovan, author of The Bounds of Moderation

“We enjoyed the publishing process of working with Outskirts Press!”

The Brothers Donovan consist of a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran and a survivor of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. When they are not peddling their screenplays along the Boulevard of Broken Dreams in the City of Angels, they can be found in any Irish pub throughout this incredible country.

Product description…

Based upon a true story, “The Bounds of Moderation” follows Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agents Bronson and Bailey as they struggle to solve the Lake Juliette murders. Bronson, haunted by his combat tours as a Marine, and Bailey, aided by years as a Georgia State Trooper, leverage lessons learned in their past lives. Along the way, the agents reveal the true character of the men and women who make up that thin blue line that stands between society and the predators who lurk within it. Thrown into the hunt for the killer, Donnie Robinson must complete an internship with the GBI to graduate from college with his degree in criminal justice. However, Donnie soon discovers that the reality of law enforcement is not as black and white as the pages of his criminal justice textbooks. Donnie witnesses so very many things outside the bounds of his formal education. Donnie’s entrance into the “Real World” and a career in law enforcement are beset by life questions about love and occupation at seemingly the worst possible time. Just as Donnie thinks his education is coming to an end, he realizes that it has only begun.

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