Introducing Francis O’Hare, author of My Africa

“Leona was a blessing to me by responding to all my inquiries with patience and finding the answers that I needed. It would have been a struggle for me without your help — Thank you again so much and…I’m There! I have promoted my experience with Outskirts at Harvard, Dublin, Ireland and Saudi and I’m not done yet — So good to work with Outskirts Press!”

About Francis O’Hare: Prior to the advent of satellites and GPS locating oneself on the earth’s surface was carried out by astro fix – trigonometric triangulation with stars (heavenly bodies). A complex and concise exercise we did in the remotest areas of Africa with only wild game for friends. This work was essential to establishing international boundaries between countries. We established large safari style camps in the area to do this work.

Product description…

My Africa is the true story of a boy; a young man who persevered out of a poor and disadvantaged background with a lot of sickness throughout his formal elementary schooling years. Tuberculosis was diagnosed during his teenage time, along with a period in a sanatorium and yet he somehow survived to later enlist into the British Army Royal Engineers and into the school of engineering to qualify as a geodetic surveyor. Posted to East Africa with a new postwar aerial survey unit, map making in Africa for the first time in history-Life in Africa here begins.

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