“Thank you for preparing my book for me. I had a great publishing experience with Outskirts Press. When UPS brought my book to my front door, I could not wait to get my hands on it. When I open the package that held my free author’s copies, I was blown away by what I held in my hand; and to top it off your company published my book on my birthday. Thank you for the birthday gift. Awesome job. You Go Outskirts Press. What a whammy. Thank you!”

Product description…

Why Me is a book with short stories. Once you start reading it’s hard to put down. This book reveals the experiences of an eight year old girl until her teen years. Her name is Unique and she experiences some very undesirable episodes and is forced into bad situations. She is embarrassed and hurt throughout her life. Her life is shaped by her upbringing and her environment. Unique is introduced to dysfunctional behavior during her developmental stages as a child. She lacks values and guidance. Join me in reading a true story about Unique’s life. This is a very interesting little girl, who later overcomes her past obstacles and barriers.

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