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Hanson Ikponmwosa is a Prophet Evangelist, prepared by God for international ministry for twenty-eight years, with headquarters at the United States! He has worked as a missionary evangelist in Northern Nigeria for twelve years before coming to America! He has been anointed and assigned to counter the spiritual strong holds at this environment and to be a legitimate prophetic voice of world evangelism! He is traveling, preaching, teaching and praying to break satanic grips on places, individuals and families as well as healing the sick, the oppressed and afflicted right now at the United States and around the world!

Product description…

“America under Attack” is a book about the present spiritual state of America from God’s perspective! From the United States to the other nations of the North and South America, divine intervention is required! This is because the continent has been spotted by heaven’s searchlight to be the darkest spot on earth right now. This darkness has its headquarters in the United States and fighting fiercely to influence its citizens negatively. Heaven is making the move to counter this onslaught on human lives by these unseen satanic forces. The ten chapters’ book presented reasons for this attack, the divine program to counter it and what the individual can do to help save America and its citizens!

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