Introducing Uzodinma Igbojionu, author of The Truth About Winning

“I was very appreciative to have Leona as my author representative. You are such a wonderful lady; and throughout the publishing process the way you guided me was first-rate, outstanding. Our communication during this period was thorough and immediate. You recommended the custom cover design for my book, and went on to say it will help me. I read the email over and over and it sounded like a big sister trying to render help to her brother who wrote a book for the first time. Also, I will never forget the copyright page which you rendered a big help by getting them together for me. Always making sure is done right. You did well, and I pray that God will bless you in a way you can never imagine. Leona, thank you very much. You are a professional.”

Uzodinma Igbojionu has attended Christ For The Nations Institute, in Dallas, Texas; the University of the State of New York, Albany, New York (Excelsior College); and the Federal School of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria, later known as, Federal University of Agriculture and now Michael Okpara University of Agriculture. He is a Pastor, Businessman, Writer, and Founder Hope and Life Ministries.

Product description…

Since we live in a sinful and wicked world, we must really use godly ways to win undoubtedly whatever the enemy will toss at us, and to let God’s Words draw our lines of actions so we can triumph over the enemy. The book gives an account of God’s redemptive work through our hardships, and will greatly encourage readers facing various life-challenges. It tells how to live successfully and to have God as our anchor; and we definitely win if we are strong, courageous and have faith in Him. And He says, “Whoever believes in me shall receive salvation.” He promised not to allow us to be overwhelmed by our burdens because He has secured the victory for us at the cross and nothing shall by any means hurt us.

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