Introducing Mai Toomey, author of The Magic of Simple Thoughts

“It was a very nice experience having my book published with Outskirts Press. I love my book!”

Mai Toomey has enjoyed writing poems since elementary school. She graduated with a degree in Language Education in 1988, and became an English teacher to children of different ages. She obtained her Masters degree in Social Work/ Health and Mental Health in 2003. Her career, and being herself a mother, firmed her belief that it is important to educate children from a very young age about love, kindness, trust, happiness, determination…things which will shape their personalities throughout their lives. Mai Toomey lives happily with her husband and her daughter  in Baltimore, Maryland.

Product description…

“The Magic of Simple Thoughts” reflects children’s feelings through their simple acts in daily life. Children nowadays have to face a world which is much more complicated and more difficult than that of our childhoods. “The Magic of Simple Thoughts” will educate, cherish and encourage children through simple poems close to their hearts.

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