Introducing Lynda Tidwell Morris, author of Concealed Issues

“Wow! I thought publishing my first book was easy with all the help I got from Dana. You rock! You made my second experience so easy. Maybe because it was as if my book and me were your only concern through the process. I didn’t stress about anything because you were on top of it! Thank you for a job well done! I am so ready to get back to working on my third novel and I’m so excited and thankful to Outskirts and my Author Rep for going beyond my expectations. I last published in 2010. I forgot just how awesome you guys are with helping self-published authors. Thanks again!”

Lynda Tidwell Morris is the author of Nappy Head and All. She is an inspirational playwright and the founder, president, and director of Letty’s Gospel Theater and LTM Productions. Lynda resides in Seabrook, South Carolina with her husband, Roy, USMC-Retired (30 years). They have two adult children and a granddaughter. Visit her website at

Product description…

Packing her belongings in her blue, 2000 Camry, Tricia left Beaufort for Columbia, South Carolina vowing to leave behind the extra baggage-hurt, heartaches, pain and poverty she had endured growing up in Beaufort. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the scent from the marsh on either side of the highway. As much as she didn’t like the smell of that stinking mud, it would be the only thing she missed. Taking her best friend, Sheri up on her offer to move to Columbia, Tricia was uncertain about her future, but she knew anywhere had to be better than Beaufort. A small town girl, Tricia never excepted to capture the heart of one of Columbia’s single, most handsome, wealthy businessmen, Craig Jones. Tricia has everything, however she could not enjoy her blessings because her grandmother’s voice and issues from her past had her in bondage.

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