“I am extremely thankful to Outskirts Press for getting my book into Amazon (10 countries) and Barnes and Noble in a very short time.”

Dr. Ragnar V. Moen was born in Norway. After receiving a Ph. D. in chemistry from Aachen University in Germany, he immigrated to America and was employed as a research chemist for Exxon at their Research Center in Linden, New Jersey. He later worked for over 25 years at General Magnaplate in the same town. He has known Inez Bull for thirteen years, and has been a guest speaker at her Ole Bull Music Festival for ten years. He is retired and lives in Union, New Jersey.

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Inez Bull’s life was dedicated to promoting Ole Bull’s legacy in America. Ole Bull was a world famous Norwegian violinist and composer who spent a large part of his life in America. Inez started the Ole Bull Music Festival in Pennsylvania and the associated Award Concerts in New York. This was a way of getting young musicians from rural Pennsylvania to appear on a New York stage. These concerts were financed by Inez. Her long teaching career was devoted to special and gifted students. The duo piano concerts as well as her singing concerts, in her earlier years, in Europe and America were enjoyed by many people. She also had her Ole Bull Museum at Carter Camp, Pennsylvania. She attended Juilliard School of Music and wrote a book about Ernest Hutcheson, the first president of Juilliard. In fact, Inez has written about 30 books. In 1978 she received her doctorate in music education from New York University, and in 1999 she was awarded the St. Olav’s Medal by King Harald V of Norway.

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