“My experience working with Leona was phenomenal. I was well informed and comfortable throughout the entire publishing process. Well done!”

Still fueled from my first book, “A Glow in the Dark,” here is a glimpse of my experiences while I learned through trial and error how to maintain a life with God as He became my sustainer of peace. This book is filled with life! Lost and Found gives each reader a sense of hope as I developed line upon line my daily struggles without God and how He fulfilled His purpose in my life once I came in contact with the Holy Spirit. Take a dive and learn how God can change your life around.

Product description…

When it all seemed to fall apart. A woman broken entering into the fight of her life. Bound by the chains of uncertainty, she suffers through abuse. She gains sight of past afflictions in order to be found by grace which changes her whole identity. Lost in fear and facing death, the breath of life gives this young woman a second wind.

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