Introducing Peter Prichard, author of Dawn of Hope

“I have been a business consultant for over 30 years and have extensive experience marketing myself and evaluating the staff and processes that are in place in organizations with which I do business. When I started looking for a publishing company for my debut novel Dawn of Hope, about a teenager who fights both sexual assault in her town and Big Tobacco nationally, I was evaluating prospective publishers the way I have evaluated organizations for decades. Outskirts Press impressed me immediately with the depth of free knowledge they provided in their self-publishing guides. The amount and quality of services offered compared to their competitors was impressive and I was particularly interested in the marketing focus and sophistication that they showed. My decision to go with them was absolutely the right one. The staff has been amazing — Dana, my author representative, Erica, my virtual tour host, Jackie, my PR coordinator, Anna, my digital edition specialist, and Rebecca in marketing all did an amazing job. I evaluate talent for a living and they were all world class. The quality of the finished book was exactly what I wanted and the production team moved very quickly and effectively. The Price Calculator was simple to use and I am confident that the different formats of Dawn of Hope that I am offering to the public are priced appropriately. We then got to the marketing phase of my campaign and I have received dozens of extremely well written and extremely practical and creative suggestions about how to market myself and my novel. The Outskirts relationship with Amazon is impressive and a true partnership. The Virtual Tour outreach by Outskirts netted a number of blog interviews and posts that generated early momentum. Every author thinks their book is special and I am no exception. The story of Dawn Mortenson’s fight against individuals and organizations that are focused on doing damage to young people is personal for me which is why I was presented with the Youth Advocate award from the town in which I live. I am confident that Outskirts Press has done everything possible to help me get Dawn of Hope to the attention of the audience that would be interested in my young heroine’s strength and courage while being provided with dozens of resources in the appendix that link to organizations that lessen sexual assault on and tobacco consumption by young people. I am so impressed that I plan on publishing the sequel Dawn of the Tobacco Wars through Outskirts Press this fall.”

Peter Prichard has spent the last thirty-eight years helping thousands of individuals, from high school students to adults of all ages, reach their goals. He has written dozens of articles and several book chapters on how to do that. He began his career by providing career guidance to college students, and he has been particularly interested in assisting young adults and those who want to drive positive change in their particular organizations, their community, and the world. As an acknowledgment of those efforts, he received the Youth Advocate Award from the town in New Jersey in which he lives. The teenage female heroine of this book is a composite of the hundreds of energetic and courageous young people, social activists and teachers he has met over the years.

Product description…

Dawn Mortenson moved to Fair Shore, Connecticut and within 24 hours of her arrival at Fair Shore High she realized that the town condoned the sexual assault of young girls. She alienated most of the population of the town after her confrontation with the All American football hero found him in the hospital. The ensuing battle landed many friends and foes in jail, the hospital or an early grave. Dawn uses music, the media, a team of young and old allies and a combination of personal courage and mental toughness to change the town’s attitude toward the sexual abuse of young people forever, although at a huge personal cost.

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