“As this was my first time to publish a book, my Author Representative was very helpful, patient with my questions and kind with me. You guys are great!”

Shari Lathim is a full time working single grandmother of seven and lives in a suburb outside of Seattle, WA. She is a first time author who is fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a writer. Currently, her writing is based on her own life experiences. She has many more that she’s presently working on and new ideas for future books. One of her older grandchildren recently requested to be a co-writer with her

Product description…

Paige was an over privileged child raised by her father and step-mother in Beverly Hills, CA. Her father always told her that it was her destiny to be married to a rich man someday. When Paige met Brody, the son of a very powerful business man in Northwest Montana, she knew this was the man her father always told her about. Montana was not her desired area to live, but she would go anywhere just to become the next Mrs. Briggs. Her calculated plan was to put Brody’s parents in a nursing home, take over the huge family estate and rule over the staff her way. Brody is slow to propose marriage to Paige and she becomes impatient. She will try anything to trap her man no matter what it is. After a few unfortunate events, her destiny becomes a bed of thorns.

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