“Thank you Justene and thanks to the entire team from Outskirts Press. I was stunned! The book looks marvelous and is stylishly set and comfortably organized. You all did a great job! I am anxious to hear about any potential recognition and contact points. Now if someone will just find it and buy it, I shall be even more grateful! Thank you all again.”

Always the poet, Dan Chapman enjoys sharing stories and studies of travels, people, and experiences by blending both with his signature mixture of humorous and thoughtful poetry. Now a retired educator, Dan has fused his fascination of new sights and discoveries with his enjoyment of writing into creative venues called The Traveler Series. Previously, Dan has written for several poetry resources publishing his first volume of poetry, The Book of Daniel, which initiated his writing career. “When not traveling,” Dan enjoys teasing, “I live in Suisun City, CA with my wife near our families and close to my exhausted camera and workaholic computer.” Laugh, learn, cry, or squawk, you are likely to experience confounding reactions and mixed emotions reading Dan Chapman’s Messages from Vallarta.

Product description…

Using Puerto Vallarta and its regional vicinity as a lovely backdrop, Dan Chapman cleverly uses his unique style of poetry and prose to take his readers on a personal adventure. Utilizing creative prose for informative storytelling and unique blends of humor, poignant thought, and poetry, Dan invites his readers to travel with him on his own spiritual journey to a beautiful and mystical vacation place for a dramatic and personal visionary walk. “Enjoy the trip” as Dan Chapman shares his Messages from Vallarta.

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