Publishing my first book, there was much I did not know about the process. Through each step, I found the staff at Outskirts Press to very helpful and accommodating. Dana and Rebecca were immensely helpful, responding promptly to my questions with helpful answers. Outskirts Press provided good customer service, and I will use them again.”

Jeff C. Barger is a Baptist minister. He received his theological training from the Tulare Missionary Baptist Seminary, Tulare, CA, from which he earned his Th.B. in 2000, Th.M. in 2007, and the Doctor of Theology in 2010. He has served as pastor of three churches. The author is the son of Jeff H. and June Barger. He has been married to his wonderful wife, Lori, for thirty-five years. God has blessed this union with three great children: Kyle, Amanda and Kathy.

Product description…

“The message of the Kingdom parables is a message of reason, reality and rest. To understand the message of the Kingdom parables of Matthew Chapter 13 is to be fundamentally and theologically changed. For some this very well could amount to a paradigm shift in Bible understanding. The Christian reader who grasps the meaning of the Kingdom and the teaching of the parables will be never the same again, forever.”

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