“I’m very grateful to my Author Representative for taking the time to answer all my questions.”

The Rose aka Sharon Tunstall Martin – a mother of four. Resides in Memphis, Tennessee. At age 50, she realized that what had happened to her when she was a little girl at age ten would haunt her for the rest of her life. She was introduced to a Pandora’s Box at an early age….that should not have been so. She has decided that the pain inflicted upon her doesn’t have to continue happening to other young girls…so she will no longer keep silent…you are not alone. It happened to me too!

Product description…

YOU Are Not Alone. It Happened to Me Too. Silent Voices Speak. It’s Time to tell, to tell of the ugliness of mental and physical abuse projected from those that are the most dear to our hearts…The ones that we trust with our lives. Many men, women and children suffer at the hands of a loved abuser everyday…Taking and robbing in just one moment the innocence of a life that has to replay that pain everyday of their lives. We wonder why there is so much anger and depression, so many that want to stay in that shell…Have we dared to ask…Would we accept their answer? Or would we shy away?…If you find yourself here…You must know that you no longer have to stay silent…You can not only be free, but you can help someone else that feels as if this is the way that it has to be…I will no longer keep silent, you are not alone. It happened to me too…Silent Voices, It’s time to speak…It’s time to tell…Someone is depending on you to lead them to not only freedom but safety.

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