“Thank you Dana! I appreciate all your assistance.”

Fil Munas lives on a farm in the United States of America. Born in Sri Lanka, he studied Medicine & Surgery in India, and trained as a Psychiatrist in America. Dr. Munas is now retired. He is a hobby beekeeper.

Product description…

“This is the account of a mission I undertook from Galymon to a small rocky planet in a quiet quadrant of our present Universe. My original report regarding this matter was delivered to the Most High Tribunal of Galymon which is the Supreme Authority on my home planet. I wish to acknowledge my deep gratitude to our High Tribunal for this opportunity…”

And with those astonishing words, Mac—the alien protagonist in this extraordinary tale—masterfully recounts the history of Earth since its advent 4.54 billion years ago, and relates with amazing authenticity the 200,000 year odyssey of Homo sapiens—and how they became the dominant lifeform on their planet today. This scientific novel colorfully channels the reader from the inception of this Universe 13.8 billion years ago to the present. The narrative describes the exponential rise of these humans—from speciation in East Africa to modern space traveler, from archaic hunter-gatherer to accomplished brain-surgeon, from tinkering with fire to building nuclear reactors. And on this breathtaking journey, the reader is always kept supremely informed and pleasantly entertained. But with their starkly genocidal ethos, can this species survive? A novel with footnotes!

From the Big Bang to mass extinctions, from the nature of life to the future of humans—it’s all here and it’s pure magic.

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