“Outskirts Press made my dream of becoming a published writer come true. They have provided me support in every single way. When I received my manuscript review and approval from the Manuscript Review Team, I was thrilled beyond belief. My publishing consultant, author representative, production team and the rest of the Outskirts Press team worked closely with me every step of the way, always delivering their promises in a timely manner. They know what our needs are, and address them proficiently. Their support did not end when my book was published, but continues with the support of the marketing coach, who gives me valuable advice and guidance about what I should be doing, as well as how and when. Outskirts has made my book available with major distributors and sellers, and continues to provide me with international exposure opportunities that I have always wished for, through international book fairs and book award competitions. I just have to pick where I would like my book to be recognized, and off they go to help actualize my dreams. Thank you to everyone in Outskirts Press who made it all happen. I look forward to publishing with you again. I recommend you to all writers, especially international ones. You truly are the best publishers!”

Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib works in the field of education and professional development. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education, and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. She loves working with people, helping children, and making a difference in the world. She is married and has two children. dina@zebib.net, http://www.dinaalhidiq.com

Product description…

During her childhood and young adulthood, intelligent and curious Sara is encouraged to explore who she is, and to pursue education and a career that will make the best use of her many gifts. The gift of true love comes to her unexpectedly, when she meets Hani, a young man who is her soul mate. Together they commit to a life together full of devotion…but Sara’s destiny takes an unexpected turn, throwing her into a cycle that she could never have imagined. With the assistance of a kind therapist, she begins to reflect back on the decisions that brought her where she is today…the crossroads that led to her destination. Will she be able to retrace her steps and salvage what she already had? Crossroads is an introspective, thought-provoking book that will resonate with every woman who has struggled to find her path in life.

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