“I did what many of you have done when deciding on a publisher, and here is why Outskirts Press should be your publisher of choice. I did my due diligence to research all the publishing options offered through multiple publishers. These three things weighed heavily in my decision: Outskirts price, options and issues resolved are what sealed the deal for me. From an author’s perspective here is why Outskirts stands heads and shoulders above the rest in my book. I had a situation where an important order of books I desperately needed for international travel did not arrive in time. After several emails and returning from a book signing tour in the Bahamas, not only did I find my order of freshly printed books, but I received a prompt email from the leadership team assuring me an appropriate response to the situation. Regardless of who you choose to publish your work, things unavoidably go wrong. What impresses me the most is Outskirts’ way of showing they possess the highest level of understanding of the needs of those of us who are self-published. I want to be clear that it is not just that they understood my needs but they took immediate action to respond in a way to ensure I would remain a loyal satisfied life-time member of the Outskirts family. I did my due diligence just like so many others when researching the best fit for handling my publishing needs. While Outskirts Press’s pricing brought me here it is their attentiveness and quick responses when I needed them most that has kept me here. Because of this dynamic relationship where communication is open between us, Sunday Morning Stickup is currently being sold in the Bahamas, Africa, Canada, Europe and throughout the entire Continental US, both electronically and hard copy. No “review website” could have ever told me what I have learned experientially from this publisher, that is Outskirts Press is a Five Star Customer Centric Self Publisher!”

David Lee loves God, his wife and children and all kinds of people.

Product description…

Today’s Christian experience is not what it used to be. So much has changed. One visit to a Sunday morning service and you will know that this is not the church you grew up with. Churn and frustration are at an all-time high as many have voted with their feet and no longer attend worship service. CHURCH – her thirst to be accepted by the world and possess what it has to offer has negatively impacted her preaching and influence on society. Silent, she has no response to the moral decay of our time, yet she takes in more money than most will earn in two life-times. Product pitches from the pulpit and product tables in the lobby are normal and a guaranteed scriptural reference to paying Tithes is inevitable. Laboring over souls on the altar is a thing of the past as many ministries look for ways to be more profitable. Being about “My Fathers Business” has taken on a whole new meaning as the North American Church struggles to hold to the code of Divine Ethics that was once delivered to the saints by those who once valued the concept of no compromise. You have questions? Sunday Morning Stickup has Biblically based answers concerning the subject of tithes.

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