Introducing James D. Patalon, author of Red Eyes and the Human Horror Story

“I have had my very first published work, Red Eyes and the Human Horror Story, published by Outskirts Press! I am so excited over the work they have done and the time they took with me to make sure that I was happy with the product they helped me to produce. They answered all my concerns, are still emailing me marketing suggestions, keeping me posted on updates and have even given me a Web page that offers my book online sales through Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well as being able to purchase an ebook edition at a very low cost! I will definitely be publishing my second book through Outskirts Press! I bought the Diamond Package deal and I am completely satisfied over everything it includes as well as the extras that I can later purchase at a reasonable price! I want to express a sincere thank you to all my publishing consultants who have made me feel as if I were the only one they had been working with! They really do put their customers needs above everything else!”

About James D. Patalon: I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am the oldest child of four. I now currently reside in Nevada. I will always be glad to sign a copy of my book for you!

Product description…

A spine-tingling adventure into unknown realms…Two men,each facing an unimaginable, inexplicable journey, each must face horrors and promises in an alternate reality that is both surreal and yet oddly familiar. One man suffering from depression deals with his pain by imagining an easier world…until an accident pushes him into another realm where he is reunited with a lost love, but also must face zombies and an evil demon. He must face the truth of the comforting illusions he created but as his dream world becomes more and more compelling and satisfying, what will happen when he has to return to real life? The second man enters an alternate reality by committing suicide, an act that, as he has been warned, will have serious consequences. He is reunited with his soulmate, but they can’t stay in the reality they currently inhabit. An adversary that they thought they had destroyed is back and they must face him again…and, to their horror, they come to learn that they must defeat their demons over and over as they move to new realms; the price for taking your own life is to be doomed to move continually from one reality to the next. Red Eyes and the Human Horror Story is a thrilling, endlessly inventive exploration of the ways in which imagination shapes our reality…and how reality shapes our dream worlds.

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