Introducing Travis Wayne Goodsell, author of An Introduction to Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet and Grammar A New Theory

“My book is An Introduction to Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet and Grammar A New Theory. My story of the miracle of publishing with Outskirts Press began with Joseph Smith the founding Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He made the claim in April 1844 before his martyrdom that the Hebrew text of the Bible was translated incorrectly. I had an overwhelming urge to know how he made his translation and what a re-translation of the Hebrew text would read. It was in my last year at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada that a Biblical Hebrew class became available. I knew I had to take it. Our instructor, Walter Emanuel Aufrecht, was a Harvard graduate who himself was taught by Thomas O. Lambdin and we used Professor Lambdin’s Biblical Hebrew textbook. On the first day of class we were taught the suspicions for a new theory of the origin of the vocabulary with the word for ‘sea’ contained in the word for ‘water’ which was contained in the word for ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’. This provided the basis for my theory that would come later on. But my initial discovery was with the alphabet itself; with the letters making up the Egyptian God Re. They were a match with the Hieratic form of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I was overwhelmed with excitement. Now I had to do some theory testing. I took Brown Driver and Brigg’s Hebrew/English Lexicon which was also our textbook and restructured it my taking out all the vowels. Then I used that to check and see how many 2 letter words corresponded as part of 3 letter words. I found a number of hits; but Hebrew is a relatively small vocabulary. However after taking Ewa Wasilewska’s Egyptian courses at the University of Utah I learned about determinatives. This was the missing link to understanding the vocabulary. And with matches to other Egyptian Hieroglyphs with the rest of the Paleo-Hebrew letters I had a sound theory. Now I just needed to get my discovery published. And sure enough when I had finished typing up my research into a book on my computer there just happened to be an advertisement online for two online publishing companies. Researching both of them, I found Outskirts Press to stand out even when compared to regular publishing companies. Outskirts Press explained every step of the publication process in an easy to understand manner and a user friendly website. And with a world-wide distribution service and top of the line marketing tools I am looking forward to future publications with the success of this my first book.”

About the author: The name Travis in Hebrew is “Hebrew/Heber/Eber” meaning, “He who is from the crossroads.” I happen to be living in the “crossroads of the West”. I was born and raised a Californian though. Schooling involves a Bachelors from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada and two years at the University of Utah. I’ve studied the Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian, and Philosophy of Science; which just happen to be the perfect education to make the discovery of the new theory of Paleo-Hebrew.

Product description…

A new theory has been discovered about the origins of the Hebrew alphabet and how the vocabulary has been developed. The result is a new translation of the Torah, the 5 Books of Moses. And the Creation Story is revealed as a Hebrew Scribe’s rewrite of the Egyptian’s Creation Story originating from the Pyramid Texts dating to 2400BCE.

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