Introducing Muhammad E. Assad, author of The Mehgani

“Wonderful experience publishing my book “The Mehgani” with Outskirts Press. The hearty encouragement of Lisa, helpful attitude of Jerry, helpful mentality of Elaine, thoughtful thinking of Colleen and finally continuous helpful effort by the Marketing coaches made me a greatly satisfied author. After a great search, I finally found my publisher. Wish you all the best. ”

Muhammad E. Assad was born in Sirajgonj, a small town in Bangladesh. While in college he was given an opportunity to pursue a higher education in the United States, where he started his own business. After a spiritual experience, he encountered a time of hardship, and The Mehgani reflects some of his thoughts during this difficult period. Mr. Assad is also the author of Thoughtful Thoughts, with a third book in the works.

Product description…

The mehgani is a huge tree commonly found in Bangladesh, where it not only provides shade but wood for making doors and beautiful furniture. The full-grown mehgani tree that has stood near the author’s home for almost a century-silently witnessing the happiness and shortcomings of so many-served as inspiration for The Mehgani. In this collection of lyrical poems, the author shares vignettes of nature, family, social commentary, and spirituality, all infused with deep passion and faith. The Mehgani is a must-have for any library, offering poems that invoke startlingly clear imagery and stir emotions residing in the hearts of all.

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