Introducing Sandra A. Murray, author of Infinite Scribbles in the Sand

“My Author Representative Tomica was very patient with me, and very helpful. I probably could not have done this without her. Thank you for getting me to publication.”

I was born in a small town on the New England seashore. I am the second to the last in sibling order. My parents were older than a lot of the parents of my classmates. They taught us the “old school way.” That meant creating your own entertainment and games to play. It made us all very creative. As my life progressed and I married and had children, I became a receptacle of many stories of all kinds. Some very unusual ones caused friends to tell me I should write a book.

Product description…

Now that I have come to a part in my life where I have time to reflect on the events in my life and the time to write, I have begun the task of writing a book. This one is a compilation of poems and short stories I have written. It is the culmination of all my experiences and imagination. I hope it is diverse enough to be of interest to everyone. Enjoy!

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