Introducing Roy Albert Andrade, author of Virula

“I had an exceptional experience, as expected, and enjoyed working with Dana, Tomica, and Sonya. I can’t wait to finish my third manuscript, and collaborate with Outskirt Press on the next project. I only have positive things to say about Outskirts Press, Dana, Tomica, and Sonya. Thank you, Outskirt Press!”

Roy Albert Andrade was first given the gang nickname “Bandit,” but later he carried a .22 pistol and was given the moniker “Killer.” Andrade became well-known in California’s San Fernando Valley, and criminal activity led to his eventual arrest. Virula is inspired by his real-life experiences in and out of prison. Andrade is a graduate of University of Phoenix, and his writing reflects his lifelong interest in books and reading.

Product description…

Virula knows how hard life can be—but he thinks he also knows how to make the most of it. As a high school dropout, he joins a gang, who exploit his cool-headed courage, and keep him captive by catering to his appetites for drugs and women. Virula takes place during one memorable Father’s Day in Los Angeles, when a dose of hallucinogens creates a surreal 24 hours…but Virula’s actual life is already so strange that it’s almost just another day. Realistic and enlightening, yet also surprisingly funny with a keen sense of the ridiculous, Virula is an offbeat love story, an eye-opening look at gang life, a hard-hitting examination of a young man who has taken the wrong path, and above all, an entertaining and compelling story. This first book in the Virula series will leave you looking forward to the sequel!

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