Introducing John Payne, author of Guardian in my Shadow

“My overall publishing service with Outskirts Press was great. Everything from the edits to the cover selections. Thanks.”

John Payne, single, father of two, working in a managerial professional environment has been inspired By God to write about events he has experienced to share with others of how God intervenes when the hope of all else is lost. In this know that where man can’t, God can if you believe.

Product description…

In demonstration of hope, love and joy. John’s passion has always been within the Arts. Weather it was in acting, writing, plays or music they are all means for reaching out to other people. In a world of many wonders, good and bad he would just like to bring the means to uplift someone’s spirit. J. P. is currently setting aim to step into his next where according to prophesy thousands may be waiting for positive importations directed by God. His mission at hand is to impart hope and belief of the empowerment of our strength in God. Sometimes acceptance may not be at home but abroad as he leaves us with food for thought.

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