Introducing Vonda Jessup, author of How Danny the Dragon Came To Live With Wanda the Witch

“I used another publishing company before I knew about Outskirts Press. It was a complete disaster. I did my research before using Outskirts Press. Everyone on the team has been OUTSTANDING especially after my book was published. Every day I receive valuable information from the marketing coaches. I plan on writing more children stories and will definitely use Outskirts Press. In fact I have already mentioned them to two friends that are writing books.”

Vonda Jessup is an artist/illustrator. She has designed and created unusual decorative finishes for high-end interior designers and their clients. In addition, she has taught in London, France, Italy, Canada, and throughout the United States. She is writing an ongoing series of children’s stories about Wanda the Witch and Danny the Dragon, who lives in the basement of the Happy Haunted House. The ghost characters in these stories are named after her grandchildren. Vonda lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband Jack and their pig Tea-C.

Product description…

One evening, Wanda the Witch told the ghosts, who live with her at the Happy Haunted House, the story of how Danny the Dragon came to live with her. One day, Wanda’s dear friend the great wizard Winddorf was gathering mushrooms in a dark cave when he found a very large egg! What happens when he brings the egg back to his castle? This is a heart warming story of how Wanda adopts Danny as her own.

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