Introducing Gerald Morgan, author of Two Hearts VS Evil

“Outskirts Press offers an exceptional publishing experience from beginning to end. My author representative did a phenomenal job. I greatly appreciate the whole experience.”

About Gerald Morgan: As we go through life, we will all encounter challenges, fears, and obstacles. We can overcome any of these hurdles once we realize that help can and will come to us in supernatural ways, if we open our hearts and minds to the possibilities, and when we realize that we as human beings are limited but God is not. I came to realize this fact many years ago, and chose to write this story as evidence of this truth complete with very entertaining reading. My wife and I reside in the state of Tennessee near a host of family and friends.

Product description…

An action fantasy in which a husband and wife join forces to combat evil in the form of werewolves, vampires, and other creatures that go ‘bump’ in the night, all with the supernatural aid of a celestial guardian angel. A passionate couple who are Love/Relationship counselors by day, creature hunters by night. Now the evil creatures who evoke terror have a reason to fear! This book will continue to be thought provoking and entertaining long after you have finished reading it. This is the first installment of a trilogy in the Two Hearts VS Evil saga. Also available for download at: $4.99 and $4.99

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