Introducing Amber Jo Illsley, author of A Bountiful Lot

“I am very pleased with the publishing process. Cheers!”

Amber Jo Illsley was born in the South Island of New Zealand, and was a freelance journalist for over 12 years, traveling widely nationally and internationally in the course of her work. Apart from freelance writing for local, South Island-wide and national newspapers and magazines, her other publications include two historical works, three books of poetry and several novels, as well as being included in international poetry anthologies. Now living in Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand, she is currently working on several other novels.

Product description…

The intuitive and cunning Dr. Kavoski and his sidekick Jock move to a small West Coast town where they feel at home, and in control of their nefarious activities. Several spanners in the works come in the form of the hot-tempered, bold and suspecting Grannie O’Shaunessy, schoolteachers Nellie and the gay Rupert, as well as love-starved Miss Eliza Spinks, and a crime busting operation set up on the West Coast to catch drug peddlers. Rupert bewails his broken relationship, but takes a shine to the handsome cop. Full of mischief to help ease his boredom, Dr. Kavoski becomes involved in all sorts of incidents, including the scandalous incident at the kiddies’ concert, and being under deep suspicion by local police. This only adds to the doctor’s joy in creating more mischief and drama to keep everyone on their toes. A few days’ respite out at a farm almost turns into disaster, but is saved by the diversion of a reeking hippy couple, arriving at the farm in the nick of time. This story is the first in a series.

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