Introducing Karen A. Cooper, author of A Light Shining in the Darkness

“Outskirts was so helpful with my first experience in self-publishing. Their kindness in answering all my questions and guiding me through this made me a believer in being able to finish the process and hold this precious book in my hands! Thank you for being there.”

Karen A. Cooper has served on the Board of Directors of Ephesians Life Ministries in Maryland and The Living Vine Christian Maternity Home in Savannah, as well as holding numerous church leadership positions. Upon retiring after 40 years, she obtained a B.A. degree in English and graduated summa cum laude at age 65.

Product description…

These were the words Karen Cooper grew up with. While classmates took college prep courses, Karen carefully chose a skill that would allow her to escape her abusive father and her hometown in upstate New York. But despite surviving a childhood of fear, pain, and shame, Karen’s low self-esteem brought a multitude of problems, mirroring the terrors of her past, and at 19 she found herself pregnant and on her own. Rejected by the father, Karen entered a home for unwed mothers and then placed the infant up for adoption; two years later she was pregnant again by the same man and looking for an illegal abortion. Failing and feeling worthless, she married the child’s father, but the baby died of SIDS at nine weeks. This double trauma led to years of upheaval and secrets…until she finally married the man God had chosen for her. Through hard work and counseling, Karen fought her demons and overcame her past. She enjoyed professional success, found the peace of God’s unconditional love, and even earned a college degree. A Light Shining in the Darkness is a painfully honest yet eloquent account of a life that seemed predestined for failure. But with God’s love in her life, Karen was able to find beauty in ashes and light where there was only darkness before. Her memoir will inspire others who are struggling to hold on to hope and find the healing and restoration God has in store for us all.

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