Introducing Howard Barber, author of Chosen

“I just wanted to relate to the team a big thank you for your help on this project. So far all my questions have been answered quickly and accurately. I am at times directed to things I should have read closer. I will gladly recommend your services to others, and I have. Many people talk about writing books, but few step over the line to really do it. I am encouraging them to take that step, but it seems most begin to live through me vicariously!”

Howard Barber is a long time student of spirituality. He is a graduate of The Defiance College and Bethany Seminary, with many additional years of study with Astara. This was added to from experiences with Sri Swami Satchidananda, whose Lotus Temple assisted with some of the imagery presented in this work.

Product description…

Senior citizens from around the world, originally united to help espionage agencies, have joined together for world peace. No longer recognizing boundaries they seek to ensure food, water and shelter for all and manipulate world leaders from behind the scenes to meet their goal. Their outlook and their sincerity lead them to be anointed by God to identify and train the next Avatar, the next Messiah, a new Llama. Like the Essenes of old they accept, but world wide religious leaders are out to stop them. Will they succeed? Who is to be chosen to be God’s messenger for the end times?

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