Introducing L.A. Tiemann, author of The People Who Wore White

“Y’all are tops in my book! My Publishing Consultant, Rebecca, was superb also.”

As a post-graduate student at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos in 1994, L.A. Tiemann developed an avid interest in the nation of Panama, which continues to this day. Her extensive research included interviews with several Panamanian citizens and an actual life-changing journey to the land of her dreams in 2002. A life-long resident of Texas, L.A. holds a B.A. Degree in Sociology and is also a member of Sigma Tau Delta.

Product description…

As the story opens, the newly organized cruzada civilista, opposed to the military dictator running the country, is desperately seeking to increase its membership. A widowed Kuna grandmother and businesswoman, Josefina Oldham, successfully recruited by middle-aged Chamber of Commerce representative Nicolas Benavides, quickly becomes a staunch ally of the coalition, and of Nicolas himself.

Colonel Joaquin Rocha, however, the commandant of the capital city’s police force, poses a more immediate threat to them both. A one-time opponent of Nicolas’s, Rocha suffered a bruising defeat at his hands long ago and resolves to even the score. Assisted by a beautiful bruja and other associates of his inner circle, the colonel launches a personal campaign of harassment against the two families until at last he has his long-awaited moment with Nicolas.

On that fateful night, Nicolas and Josie not only witness the beginning of the end, they also make an astonishing discovery of undeniable evidence which binds their families together for all time.

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