Introducing Wes Wetzel, author of 1001 A.D.

“A very positive publishing experience.”

Wes Wetzel is a playwright turned novelist. Some of his plays can be found on the internet at He is a graduate of Oregon State University and a retired U.S. Navy pilot. This is his first novel and is based on the Vikings’ discovery of the New World. He is married with four grown children. He resides in Arizona where his zeal turned to writing for Senior Theater and then to novels.

Product description…

Jonathan Henry, a present day archaeologist, joins other scientists to evaluate global warming in the arctic when he finds Viking scrolls in an ancient village deep in a hidden fjord in Greenland. In the scrolls is the account of Leif Ericson during his historic sea voyage to the New World. Join Leif and his lifelong comrade Eric Thorson on their exciting encounter with the peoples of North America. Live with these two adventurers and others as they find danger and surprise in going beyond the beyond and into the unknown seas to the west. A hair raising good saga of courage and fortitude. Don’t miss 1001 A.D. or you miss the adventure story of the century, the discovery of early North America by the Vikings.

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