Introducing Pam Breedlove Lear, author of The Gifted

“Jodee and Dodi were excellent and were skilled in getting me the help I needed.”

Pam Breedlove Lear is a retired registered nurse with over 30 years of experience caring for the sick. She was inspired by God in a dream to write The Gifted as an inspiration to others to live for and follow God.

Product description…

On a cold, crisp morning in February of 1750, newlyweds Noah and Pam Lear say good-bye to their families in a small village in England and board The Angel’s Horn, bound for America. Over the next two months of their voyage, they befriend other couples, forging lifelong bonds, and dream of their new lives in Virginia. What follows is the tale of eight families of early Christian settlers as they struggle to survive in their new home with nothing but God, Love, and their Faith to sustain them. The Gifted is an uplifting family saga set against the stunning backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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